Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Begin Again

I am thankful for the opportunities and platforms the Lord provides and Grace Covenant Church Masterpiece Mothers event this past weekend is one I will definitely cherish.  It was particularly special because preparing for the event helped to cleared the writer's block I had been experiencing for the past few months.  I've been uninspired, unmotivated, and plain old stuck.  

The stirring to get back to my writing actually began a few weeks ago by a conversation with lady I met at church: she asked me when I would post something new on my blog.  I had a deer in headlights look but she proceeded to tell me about a particular post of that she enjoyed.  As she was telling me I couldn't even remember the thoughts and concepts she was describing; I was totally disconnected from my own work.  

But here's to starting over, new beginnings, and a will to get it done.  Check out the spoken word I wrote and performed below titled Masterpiece.  You may also listen to podcasts of our amazing keynote speakers here: Grace Covenant Church 


Uncertainty, brokenness, pain
The pieces
Disappointment, barrenness, doubt
The pieces
Our way, our past, our wounds
The pieces
The pieces

The pieces collide with

Love, hope, healing
The Master
Discipline, joy, comfort
The Master
Guiding, unfailing, all-knowing
The Master
The Master

We surrender to the Master
The Master molds the pieces
The pieces yield to the Master

All of us wrapped in all of Him become a masterpiece

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