Monday, July 8, 2013

Take A Second Look

We have been in our current home almost four years and for the most part love it!  It is a home better than I have ever lived in my life and more of a blessing than I ever dreamed of having.  We were introduced to the community by some friends when we were on a discouraging home search.  We thought that building a home was out of price range in the Virginia market so we had been looking at a fixer-upper that would give us access to good schools for our daughters.  We were not looking for anything high-end, just something comfortable and safe for our family.  So we were cautiously optimistic about the possibility of building a home.

Well, we were ecstatic when we visited this development and even more elated when we were pre-approved for a mortgage that would give us more house than we knew what to do with.  For months we tracked the progress of our home from site clearing to final touches and when the move-in day arrived we were beyond grateful.  Fast forward four years and things had begun to become a little familiar.  We had a couple half-completed DIY projects, a massive basement flood that destroyed one of the completed projects, and a loud dishwasher that often had us saying things like, "I knew we should have gone for the top of the line appliances when we were building."  Where had the gratitude gone?  I would even get a little antsy when we had guests over because I kept thinking about the fact that we hadn't gotten around to painting our main level.  Oh my!

Then a strange thing happened a few weeks ago.  We were hosting a gathering and someone had taken pictures and posted them online.  And although my house was not the object of the photos, I realized that my house was quite beautiful.  The hardwoods were gorgeous, the decor was warm and inviting, and the fading paint on the walls didn't matter.  My gratitude was rekindled and I had to seriously repent for allowing those ridiculous thoughts overtake my mind and rob me of the things that God has blessed me with.  Do I still plan to make some home improvements? Yes, but it will be an effort to enhance and preserve my blessing and not from a place of discontent or ungratefulness.

I began to realize that many of us are robbed of our peace because all we see are the imperfections, the places for improvement, the unfinished places.  I encourage everyone to take a second look at your home, your car, your body, your face, whatever it is about you or around you that keeps you in a state of malcontent.  Receive the compliments of others, embrace the beauty of your surroundings, and be present in the moments of your life.  If you think it will help, take some pictures and see the things differently.  Those pictures of my home were a pivotal moment for me maybe it could work for you as well.  It would be a shame to miss out on living a full and content life because we don't have the right type of sight.  Take a second look and see the beauty that surrounds you/that IS you.  Don't waste another moment being robbed of your peace.

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