Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Am Ready

This weekend I celebrated two totally different occasions that have moved me like never before.  See, I've been in a state the past few months trying to manage my time better, connect with the people who matter, make new meaningful friendships, and make steps toward living a more fulfilling life.  I don't really have much to complain about but at times I feel busy rather than productive.  Like I am just moving through each day without creating a legacy or truly emptying myself of all the gifts and talents God has blessed me with before I leave this earth.  But now I am ready.

On Friday morning I went to celebrate the short life of a five year old boy who went on to Glory after suffering with cancer for over a year.  He was only five years old.  That was a hard place to be and I my heart was and still is broken for his young parents who had to bury their baby.  But there was celebration because this child was very special.  I had the pleasure of meeting him when he was around two years old and he was so smart! He could identify every shape and color around my home.  He was courteous and curious; he brought joy to a room.  The preacher who gave the eulogy remarked about these things but also about the fact that none of us know how much time we have on the earth.  While we may have been thinking about the great things this young baby would do as a teenager and young man because of the great aptitude he had as a toddler, God chose to call him home at age five.  But every person at that service who had known him was touched by his life in some memorable way in his short time on the earth reminding us that we must do all we can while we can.  Be intentional and maximize life daily.  The preacher also reminded us that we are all afforded the same 24 hours in each day not matter who we are; we have a choice as to how we spend our time.  We must allocate our time wisely because we just don't know how many more 24 hours we will be granted.  I am ready to make better time management decisions because I don't have anymore time to waste.

Then on Saturday I had the great honor to celebrate with one of my husband's dear friends on his 6th pastoral anniversary.  Everything was beautifully done and the entire event signified great faith on his behalf.  Starting a church is no easy undertaking and the genuine kindness of his membership and the quality of every detail showcased the fruit of his labor.  But the highlight was the keynote speaker!  She spoke a life-changing message about speaking positively in every circumstance.  Co-Pastor Veda McCoy brought the house down with a timely word about knowing who you are by God's standards and not by society, race, background or anything else but God.  We sat spellbound by the power and sincerity with which she delivered her message.  She led us in a resounding mantra, "I am the I Am's Child!"  He is the Great "I Am" and He created the heavens and earth with spoken words.  I will ever more speak life-giving words in every aspect of my life and those around me.  I will not be the same after hearing this word from the Lord spoken through this woman today.  She reconnected me with a simple spiritual principle that I learned many years ago: The power of life and death in the tongue.  I will choose to speak life.  I am ready to be and do ALL that I was created to do, no more time to waste, no more idle words.

I pray that everyone reading this post is empowered to make the changes to live the life you were created and destined to live.  You don't need seven keys, or ten steps, or a 90-day program: you only need to choose how to spend your precious time and speak life every time you open your mouth.  Those two things will bring you into alignment with path that God has already planned for you.  You are ready: GO!!!