Saturday, March 2, 2013

Living With Sinkholes

This story about a Florida man who was sleeping in bed and pulled down into a sinkhole has captivated my attention.  In the DC metro our news has been dominated by the sequester, the dysfunctional Congress, and the political gridlock.  So when I heard this sinkhole story it stopped me in my tracks because even though I'm not thrilled about losing 20% of my pay, I am not being swallowed into a sinkhole.  I cannot imagine the devastation his family is feeling right now.  My prayers are with his family and I hope that the man was saved.  The story is just heartbreaking

All that being said, this story revealed two major things for me.  This first is that you cannot "over share" your salvation story.  Every person whose life has been changed by and encounter with Jesus Christ should see this story as their personal wake up call to find every opportunity to witness to someone about the goodness of the Lord.  You never know when you may be the last chance for someone's life to be changed.  You never know that someone is literally leaving your presence and walking toward their final hours on the earth.  Sounds extreme, but this man laid down for the night in his bed and was sucked into the earth in the middle of the night.  Things happen: car accidents, terminal diagnosis, senseless shootings.....sinkholes.

The second thing was revealed when I saw footage of the house.  From the front of the house you could not even tell that anything is amiss.  It looked like all of the other houses along the suburban street where it was built.  Then when the camera panned to back you see that the entire rear of the home is underground.  I though about the fact that many us are walking around with potential sinkholes within our soul.  What are you tip toeing around? Do you even know that these fragile places exist?  Have you just developed a coping mechanism to live a life full of sinkholes?  This is no way to live because you never know when one of these sinkholes in your soul will open up and swallow you. When one will wreck your entire life.  It is imperative that we let the healing power of Jesus into to every area of our souls.  His grace is more than enough for any sinkhole in your soul.  Don't hang onto them because you don't know when you might begin to collapse, self-destruct.  Get help for the sinkholes now.  You were created to live a life of freedom and on a firm foundation.  You can have this life when you live not just for God, but with  God.  Invite Him into every area of your life.

Singing, "On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand."

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