Saturday, January 5, 2013

My New Year's Wish For You: Wild Card Drive

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have visited and/or written here on my blog.  What with two work trips, Girl Scout meetings, hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's gatherings in the past two months I just didn't have the time.  I'm back and I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and that this new year finds you in a better position than last.

I'm sitting here watching football and not really concerned about who wins since my beloved Eagles are no doubt watching it right along with me.  Well, as I catch the end of the Bengals/Texans game it suddenly dawns on me that both teams made it here by the skin of their teeth and in this win or go home playoff game you gotta have determination, will, and DRIVE to get to the next level.  These teams could very easily be at home with my team but by some slim margin (and NFL math) they have an opportunity to get to the big game by winning this appropriately titled Wild Card Game.

I have often been in positions where I didn't quite have the record to be there, had a score that was rounded up to make the grade to give me honors, had the favor of God to move in circumstances that made absolutely no sense: I've had my share of "Wild Card Game" moments of life.  One thing I've learned is not to squander those moments.  There is no time to stumble, question yourself, or show signs of weakness.  It is in those rare and special instances that you MUST show up with your game face on and push through to make it to the next level.

Now I know in the NFL there has to be a winner and a loser (oh how I know about losing football teams) however the beauty of life is that we can all be winners because each of us is afforded opportunities to close the deal, get the promotion, heal the relationship, realize our potential, etc.  The key is that we must own those precious moments in time and rise to the occasion.  You've been praying for this, visualizing this, you know the drills, you've been preparing for quite some time.  Seize the day!  No time for doubting. No time for retreating.  This is your time!  Push, press, and make power moves into this new year.  You may have gotten here on a wing and prayer but none of that will matter when you clench the victory.  You have what it takes!  I encourage you to drive on and start choreographing your end zone dance because you are going to WIN.

Peace and blessings....