Sunday, October 21, 2012

Let It Go

I am a recovering "Yes Woman".  There, I said it out loud.  I was the person who used to commit to things that I did not really want or have enough time to do.   The person who just didn't want to make waves; go with the flow, you know the type.   But when you keep giving and giving and giving, you eventually have nothing left to give (particularly when you are spread across activities that are not your passion).  Living this way you will find you become depleted; devoid of energy, inspiration or joy.  Life is not meant to be lived this way.  We are created to live with purpose, having meaningful connections with mutual give and takes.  My personal road to recovery started with the following:

  1. Just Say No.  Seriously, if you are already over-scheduled and running on empty, you must decline any additional commitments until you are able to find a balance and recharge your batteries.  I started saying no to things and at first it was a bit challenging, but it got easier and more freeing the more I did it.  Look in the mirror and practice saying no.  You can do it.
  2. Delegate. I have been a bit of a control freak, I can admit that.  However, I have learned the value of allowing others to take on responsibility where they can.  Contrary to my former self, I have come to embrace accepting help and doling out tasks that others can do.  
  3. Determine your worth.  This is HUGE!  There are just some people that are not worth your time, effort or energy.  Don't want to get to deep here, but if you are always giving in certain relationships, or ones where that person consistently lets you down, it is time to sever the ties.  Save your best self and be energized for the relationships that add value to your life.
  4. Breathe deeply everyday.  The pace of life can leave us running all of the time (my people in the DC Metro can surely relate).  We run from home to work; from work to home, to church, to __________(fill in the blank).  This running makes us susceptible to making decisions in haste.  Breathing deeply, and I mean a concentrated, fill-your-lungs with air breathing, will give your brain the boost it needs to be at optimal productivity and less likely to make poor choices regarding how you spend your time.
  5.  Laugh often.  If I am not laughing and enjoying life it can't be good for me in general.  Yes, we all have times of pain or sorrow, but on a daily basis there should be joy and laughter in your life.  Complaining, grumbling, or dreading your basic day-to-day activities is WARNING sign for sure.  Don't ignore the warning.  Laughter is truly medicine for the soul and should be a part of your daily living experience.
The bottom line is Let It Go.  Whatever IT is.  Let go of the IT that drains on your time, your joy, your peace.  You only have one shot at this life and every single day you have left here must be spent living intentionally focused on what really matters.  Let It Go.

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