Sunday, May 6, 2012


B.R.A.S.S This acronym that I learned as a young recruit in basic training has stuck me over the years. I think it could be due to the way my mind works. When words in specific order are attached with actions that produce results it just clicks with the way I acquire knowledge. I am a methodical person and I can learn just about any skill if the steps are easily broken down and communicated in concert with the actions required. So BRASS or Breathe, Relax, Aim, Sight, Squeeze has just remained a part of my conscious mind for over 20 years since I learned it in conjunction with the art of rifle marksmanship during my Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, SC. Prior to enlisting in the Army I had never even touched a firearm, but I became quite taken with my M16A1 rifle during those eight weeks of learning everything there was to know about to care for it, clean it, take it apart put it back together, and finally how to marry up my bodily actions to make the weapon hit the intended target. Additionally, my competitive nature made me want to become an expert shot, not just pass the training, so I studied, practiced, and perfected the BRASS concept and I did earn an “Expert” badge for hitting 38 of 40 targets on the firing range. So I woke up thinking about BRASS and how I can relate it to becoming an Expert at applying the principles of God’s Word to my life. I thought that if I, who had never touched a weapon in my life, could become an Expert in eight short weeks, surely I can apply this same concept to bring my walk up to the next level. I am challenging myself to an eight-week boot camp so I may get the maximum out of this life I am living. I want to become an “Expert” about what God is saying through His Word, telling me in Prayer, and teaching me about to respond relationally in all of the roles that operate in (mother, wife, sister, friend, supervisor, etc). My New BRASS application: Breathe- breathe in God’s sweet aroma before I do anything; I will spend more time meditating on His word and lingering in my prayer and study time to hear from Him. Relax- I will just take some time to slow down and know that surely this race called life is not given to swift; it is a marathon not a sprint. I will spend more time in a relaxed state to allow my creativity to flourish and give my body a chance to rejuvenate to remain at peak operating capability. Aim- I will aim and focus myself in my study time with God. I will work to understand more than the basic ideas of the passages or my first revelation; I will study with an intention on gleaning the hidden nuggets of wisdom that are sometimes hard to find but well worth the effort. Sight- Once I have my sight set I will not allow anyone or anything to deter me from connecting with the idea, vision, decision that has been birthed in my spirit. Sight set: locked and loaded! Squeeze- time to pull the trigger! I will begin to put some things in motion because I know that I am prepared. My mind, body and spirit are aligned with my father in Heaven and I know I will hit all of the targets required to be an EXPERT!

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