Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Juneteenth Praise

This month on April 21st to be exact, I realized for the first time in months that I did not have a knot in stomach. A new freedom overcame me! It is an amazing feeling. I have been praying and believing God for some major things in the past few months; claiming victory in the midst of dark circumstances. When it seemed like all hope was lost I kept on fighting, praying, and declaring the victory. I have overcome many things in the past but this situation was trying to take my mind, my marriage, and the legacy that my husband and me are building. I have heard the phrase "new level, new devil" many times during my Christian walk but I know these words to be truer now more than ever before. There is a very real enemy that is out to kill, steal, and destroy; but I serve a God who has already defeated the devil and every demonic force that has been assigned to attack my family, my church, and me. I learned so many lessons in this dark time. Within the darkness, God shone His loving light on areas of my soul that needed healing. As I was pushing through this attack God showed himself stronger and stronger. He also began to whisper secrets to me about myself. He has BIG things for me to do in the next season and He fine-tuned some of my spiritual gifts through this dark time as well. You truly know what you're made of when adversity comes; when you have to put the Word into action and just know that things going to work out in your favor. You keep praising Him like Isaac Caree "in the middle of it", then there's that moment when you realize that your theme song has changed to Kirk Franklin's "the storm is over now". You're standing and believing, and pressing it and than: it is finished. Almost in the blink of any eye your mind, body and spirit have been under major attack, you're weak and then you're walking tall again. You're in a place of perfect peace but you're not sure when it changed. Then I heard the Lord say that I needed to declare my victory. So April 21st is my freedom day but I really think it came many days beforehand, therefore I declare April 21st my Juneteenth Praise Day. I am sure those slaves in Texas were shouting and dancing when they found out that the Emancipation Proclamation had been signed nearly two and half years earlier. It didn't matter when the freedom came it just mattered THAT freedom came. So I am not really sure when the fear left me or when the knot was eradicated from my gut or when the devil was reduced and placed under my feet where he belongs. All I know is I am going to celebrate my freedom by remembering my Juneteenth Praise Day; knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt the GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN ME THAN HE WHO IS THE WORLD!