Saturday, August 13, 2011


I have been watching all summer as weeds have just about overtaken my front yard and today I decided to do something about it. I grabbed my gardening gloves, a few tools, and the girls and I set out to beautify our yard. Side note: not really sure why I own gardening gloves but they came in handy today. Anyway, as we began working the girls asked me which things were weeds and which were flowers or regular plants. I started pointing out the weeds and they were shocked because they thought those "flowers" were pretty. So the first take away I had this morning was that there are things in our lives that begin to replicate that which is pretty and pleasing to our natural eyes but we must be vigilant to ensure that we do lose sight of those things that need to uprooted no matter how beautiful they appear to be.

And while we're on the subject of roots, the roots of the weeds were another amazing sight to behold for me and the girls. We would dig and pull and dig some more and finally the root of weed would be discovered; sometimes quite a ways from where we had begun. The second thing I learned is some things may seem like they belong because of how intertwined they are with our lives. We must not be blinded how long a thing, a person, a mind-set has been ingrained in our lives. The truth is, as soon as we come into knowledge of what is good for us and what is not we have an obligation to ourselves to do the work to unravel ourselves from that which is literally choking the life out of us.

Finally, after we pulled and dug I realized that mulch was looking kind of raggedy so we raked up all the mulch and even in its bare state, the yard looked 100% better than it had before. The girls remarked, "why didn't we do this before?" and "it looks so much better." These comments were quite telling and also made me laugh to myself. I laughed because they became quite weary in the process of "working" with me and at some point they were off riding their bikes, however they came back at the end to remark about "our" hard work. But the revelation was that even in the most seemingly barren state things can be better. When you clear away the weeds you see the other things that need to be attended to and sometimes a complete clean slate is in order. While some of us hold onto the weeds for comfort, or because it is all we know, you will be surprised by how much better your life will be when you pull up the weeds and make room for your flowers to bloom.

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  1. Well said, dear sister. I have missed reading your posts. I pray that you have a wonderful week.