Friday, March 4, 2011

Start Right Now

As am sitting drinking my after dinner coffee from my Caribou coffee mug I look closely at the clever sayings that adorn the mug.  It is meant to be motivating with phrases like, "dance to your own rhythm", "follow your own heart", "make today special" and so on.  But tucked down at the bottom, sandwiched between "take all your vacation days" and "marry your sweetheart" are the words that speak life to me: "START RIGHT NOW".

I am a planner by nature, I like to set time tables and map things out and it gives me great pleasure when things get accomplished on time.  But of course life has curve balls that come out of nowhere and then there are times when there are too many plans happening at once and no matter how much planning has occurred the all of things are not going to happen.  I've been known to reassess and map again, you know, just kick the can down the road a bit.  But inevitably some things in my life just didn't go according to my plans or even the reworked, improved, re-planned, plans.  Some got shelved and life moved on.

But we're talking about starting right now and the beauty of it is that it takes no planning!  Some of the most gratifying things in my life have come from just going with the flow.  An idea occurs, a chance meeting, an unexpected opportunity and even though I didn't plan to make a life-long friend on a particular day, I started a conversation with someone and that is exactly what happened.  Are you looking for a friend? Become friendly and be open: START RIGHT NOW!  Have you always wanted to be a business owner? You don't need a 100-page Small Business Proposal to begin your dream.  Just take some small steps, enroll in a class, attend a workshop: START RIGHT NOW!

Finally, the longer I walk with the Lord I begin to truly believe that He is the only one with the master plan for my life.  He wants me to have healthy relationships, success, prosperity, and a long life doing any and everything that He in store for me.  All I have to do is believe His word, listen for His voice, and move when He says move.  Note to self: START RIGHT NOW! 

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