Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soul Excavation

Today I had a dental appointment and had to endure a "deep cleaning" and a root canal.  It was about a 3 and a half hour visit so I had plenty of time to think about how I am going to floss more regularly and brush after every meal because I never want to experience this pain again.  The drilling, the needles, the water pick, oh my!  Amazingly, I did not have any pain in the tooth that required the root canal and from the outside nothing appeared to be wrong, but the cavity was detected by an x-ray.

The root canal was pretty tough for the dentist to deal with because so much calcium had developed and hardened like cement at the very end of the root.  I actually have to follow up an endodontist in the next few days because my regular dental office did not have the appropriate tools to remove the build up inside my tooth which was tapping on my nerve-endings.  The dentist explained that it is vital to remove everything at the root of a cavity because if left in place these types dental issues can lead to major sickness and disease which could spread throughout my entire body.  He further stated it was hard to tell when or how this problem would impact me so it was best to take care of it now.

It started me thinking about the things cemented in the depths of our souls that need to be excavated and removed at the  root.  We may be walking around looking normal and highly functioning on some level because  we've gone through our lives making adjustments based on painful experiences and disappointments we have been subjected to.  These are adjustments oftentimes result in a masking or coating that hardens over time allowing us to move forward in life as a slightly altered version of ourselves.  However, at any moment if we get bumped the wrong way the coating can shift, leaving those "nerve-endings" exposed.  Some of us are just ticking time bombs ready to go off at any time.  If we don't examine our souls and get at the root of things an entry way becomes available for the enemy to enter and wreak havoc on our emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Just like a dentist must fill in the gaps that were left behind after the root canal, we too must fill in the wounds of our soul after we remove the junk that has been building up there.  The best thing to use is the fruit of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  It is important to do whatever it takes to move through a complete healing process when conducting these excavations because a gaping hole is worse than covered cement.  I pray you will find the strength to be the archeologist of your soul, rooting out the pain of the past so you can walk in total freedom and live the victorious life you were created to live.      

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