Friday, February 18, 2011

Bieber Fever: What I Learned from "Never Say Never"

So I took my girls Sarah and Jessica to see the documentary "Never Say Never" about the life and quick rise to fame of Justin Bieber.  The audience was filled with other parents of girls ranging in age from 5 up to about 16.  All of them screaming, crying, and yelling at one point or another during the film.  While taking them to the movie was the obligatory thing for a hip mom to do, I have to say it was quite entertaining as well since he is unarguably a very gifted artist.  Most importantly, I gleaned some wonderful nuggets from this young man's life:

1.  A parent must support their child's dreams.  Justin's mom was a teenager when she conceived him and though she had supportive parents the father did not seem to be a big part of his childhood.  She did not let those circumstances stop her from providing a stable home life for her son or from encouraging the budding musical talent that he exhibited even though she did not really know far he could go.  She purchased instruments for him and exposed him to musicians.  She believed in her son.  Now she has a sixteen year-old who can play at least three instruments, who sells out every venue he is booked in, has a #1 movie in theaters, and playing the in celebrity game at the NBA All-Star week-end.

2.  Stay true to who you are and you will always win.  Justin received many "nos" before he eventually was signed to a record deal because the executives did not believe that there was an audience for his style.  Additionally, they didn't think he could make it without going through some Disney or Nick vehicle.  All I can say is Usher and L.A. Reid are laughing all the way to bank because of the opportunity that they have been given to guide this young man onto the world stage.

3.  Set your goals higher than high and speak them into existence.  Justin went to see Taylor Swift in a sold out show at Madison Square Garden and told his manager that he would sell a show out there in one year.  He toured all over America building up the moment in Madison Square Garden almost exactly one year from the day he spoke it (the tickets were sold out within 22 minutes of going on sale).  He is the first person to sell out that arena within 18 months of being discovered.

4.  While you are believing and speaking you must be working.  The bible clearly states that faith without works is dead.  This young man has literally become an overnight household name and he works HARD everyday.  He made in-person appearances in almost every Pop radio station in America to promote his album (singing live every time even in the the early morning hours).  He works with a vocal coach to assist him in understanding how to preserve his voice for long run. 

5.  Practicing humility opens the door to your destiny and keeps you there.  In James 4:10 says humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up. Throughout the movie we witness Justin praying and expressing gratitude for the unique success that he is experiencing.  He and his staff also reserve tickets to give away to those who may not be able to afford to see the show.  The people that he has around him really appear to function as a family and the love and support shined through in the film.

I pray continued success for this young man and that God will always be the guide that he follows.  I also hope that amidst the screams and tears that little girls everywhere will be inspired to follow their own dreams and in face of any adversity they would remember to Never.Say.Never!

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